Frequently Asked Questions

What is Therapy?
Therapy is talking with a trained professional about conditions ranging from trauma, depression and anxiety to lack of motivation, low self esteem or career frustrations. Therapy provides ways to express feelings, understand patterns of thinking, gain perspective on past events and current relationships, set goals and clarify dreams for the future. Therapy can both alleviate pain and suffering and add meaning and richness to life. Using a wide range of techniques, therapists seek to aid their clients' mental health and to act as a confidential and careful listener. In other words therapy can be whatever you want or need it to be.

Do I need therapy?
This is a very personal decision that only you can make. No-one has the right to 'make you go for therapy.' Therapy is about empowering yourself.

What problems can therapy help with?
Trauma – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Depression – Anger - Bereavement – Loss and Change - Relationship Issues – Self Esteem - Divorce and Separation – Anxiety – Attachment Issues – Phobias – Stress - Work Related Issues - Career Counselling - Personal and Life Coaching - Major Life Transitions – Amputation - Identity - Abuse – Childhood Issues – Bullying – Exam Stress – Self Harm – Eating Disorders - Pregnancy related issues - Miscarriage & Stillbirth - Infertility - Adjusting to parenthood - OCD and much more.

How will I know which type of therapy I need?
At your first session we will look at your reasons for seeking help and the relevant therapies will be explained to you. Together we will explore the different options and decide which therapy, or combination of therapies is the best way forward for you.

How regularly will I see my therapist?
Most clients and counsellors meet on a weekly basis; however this can vary depending on the type of therapy and your personal requirements.

How long does each counselling sessions last?
Each session will usually last an hour, but with certain therapies a longer session is needed. This will be discussed with your therapist at your first session and any changes in session length will be agreed between you both.