Counselling offers an opportunity to talk with a professional, in confidence, about whatever is troubling us.

It is normal for us to struggle with significant issues from time to time and many of us reach times in our lives when problems, fears or anxieties become too difficult to sort out alone. Issues can be triggered by a specific life event such as a relationship difficulty, job-loss, an illness or bereavement; alternatively we may be in crisis or struggling with ongoing issues such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety or depression. Sometimes there is no obvious specific problem, but life just lacks direction or purpose. We may also seek help to make changes in our lives or with goal setting or for personal development, not because something feels wrong but to learn more about ourselves.

Whilst respecting our viewpoint trained counsellors help us explore our thoughts and feelings around whatever is upsetting us in a safe enviroment without judging or telling us what to do. They will help us gain insight and understanding around what is happening in our life and explore opportunities to change whatever feels right for us.