Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a cumbersome name for a very practical therapy but it literally and accurately describes what it is. Neuro is the unique way we organise the information we receive about our experiences of the world via our neurology, and how this influences our physiology and behaviour. Neuro is all about what we think. Linguistic is how we express our experiences to ourselves and others via the language we use, and how that language affects our behaviour and feelings. Linguistic is all about what we say. Programming is how habitual, often unconscious, patterns of thoughts and feelings which develop through the course of our life affect our behaviour in the present, and how these patterns can be changed to create new ways of thinking and feeling. Programming is all about what we do. In other words NLP is the study of what we think, say and do.

Originally created in the 1970's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who observed and studied eminent people in the fields of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and anthropology. They were seeking the difference that makes the difference and in doing so developed a wide range of practical models, processes and techniques that can be used to transfer skills of "excellence" to other people and other contexts.

Used therapeutically NLP looks at the way we describe our experiences to ourselves and how we act both intentionally and unintentionally to produce results. Using a variety of techniques aimed at enhancing the learning and healing processes we can change any conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world. These limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits are "reprogrammed" giving us new patterns and new behaviours which open up new choices, give us empowering resources and help us move through 'stuck states' to achieve our goals.

NLP techniques can offer tools for the business world to increase effectiveness and communication on all levels; for sports men and women and actors to improve performance and reduce anxiety and for all of us to gain self-confidence and self worth.

Everyone is different, as are our difficulties and issues, therefore each NLP journey is different and tailor made; in some instances NLP can be done content free.